Your Best Choice For Associate Circuit Judge

     Thank you for your interest in my campaign for re-election as Macon County's Associate Circuit Judge. I appreciate you taking your valuable time to review the information about me on this website.

      Since taking office in January of 2011, I have worked hard to be the type of judge the citizens of Macon County expect and deserve.


 Top 5 Reasons To Vote For Judge Prewitt

1.  Experienced: I am the only candidate with experience handling all the different types of Associate Circuit cases as both a judge and a lawyer.

2.  Efficient: I finish cases more quickly than any other judge in our Circuit as measured by the State of Missouri thereby saving the parties time and money by avoiding lengthy litigation.

3.  Productive: I have handled almost twice as many cases as any other active Associate or Circuit Judge in our Circuit.

4.  Fair: I have never had any of my judgments reversed by the Court of Appeals despite handling the most number of cases in the shortest amount of time.

5.  Common Values: I have performed my duties as a judge, husband, father, soldier and community volunteer in a way that most people respect and appreciate.


    Based on my record, I hope I have earned your support and your vote to continue my work as Associate Circuit Judge.

Philip Prewitt
Associate Circuit Judge

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